Student Affairs Committee

Last published on Feb 09, 2023 03:50 PM MST
Meeting Time: 1:00 - 3:00 PM
1. Access
a. Simplified Admissions: Common Application Update - Kris Coles
2. Affordability
a. Informing high school students on their paying for college options - Richard Gonzalez
i. College Access Advisers and School Counselor Training - Rachel Everitt (UCAC Director) and Lisa Molina
ii. Launch My Career demonstration (ROI tool for students) -Carrie Mayne
iii. FAFSA Overview and Simplification Act Update - Dyllen Cafferty
iv. Discussion - Chair Scott Theurer
b. How social determinants of student success impact affordability - Melanie Heath
i. Campus Safety and Equity Advisory Council Feedback: Student Mental Health and Basic Needs - Xitlalli Villanueva and Korianne Gibson
ii. 2023 Legislative Budget Priorities: Student Mental Health and Student Wellness Resource Navigators - Melanie Heath
iii. Late Fees and Other Penalties and Accountability Mechanisms for Students - Xitlalli Villanueva and guest
iv. Discussion - Chair Scott Theurer